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 VM Stock Hatch Series 7

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PostSubject: VM Stock Hatch Series 7   Tue 02 Sep 2014, 12:34 pm

When contesting a series that is designed to find the driver best capable at extracting the maximum performance from a field of various cars to choose, no-one need look any further than the Virtual Motorsports Stock Hatch event. The focus of this event is for the competitor to build the best possible build of their chosen car for the Series whilst adhering to the mandatory parts, and then tuning that chosen car to be the best it can be. In taking the various cars at a performance index of B-470, drivers will experience free racing under a tight set of parameters with limited open modifications. Stock Hatch Series 7 provides a fun class in which all driver use the same rules and regulations to compete on a level basis for competition.

Racing on Wednesdays at 14:00 CDT / 20:00 BST / 05:00 AEST, drivers will do battle in a variety of locations that represent what these cars are all about. The variety of tracks will bring out the best in the cars' handling capabilities with the open straights making corner exit key on many tracks and that all important slipstream. Race 1 will open the Series in the USA, as Road Atlanta Club Circuit launched the spectacle, before moving onto Hockenheim National in Europe for Race 2 & Camino Viejo for Race 3. Back to America for the next chapter as Race 4 will take the crowd to Infineon NASCAR before Maple Valley hosts Race 5. Flying to Japan, beginning with Race 6 at Tsukuba before the American beauty of Laguna Seca for Race 7. The final Race of the Series takes the grid back to England for Race 8 at Silverstone National. A collection of circuits featuring a variety of corners to really test the Hatchbacks. Hairpin corners to High G force corners, Stock Hatch Series 7 has it all!

Within Series 7, there will be 4 championships available to the drivers, with each driver being able to enter into at least 2. The Drivers Championship will feature all drivers from the series in one unifying championship, however, there will also be Teams and Privateers Championship that will cater for the drivers individual requirements. In addition, all drivers that are contesting the Stock Hatch event for the first time will also be placed into the Rookies Championship for their one and only shot at this exclusive title. With 4 Championships available, the fight for honours should prove intense.

Working alongside Turn 10, the series is officially sponsored and will feature DLC, in-game credits and gift cars to be won by the drivers. Those skilled, or lucky enough to finish in the top 10 of the Drivers Championship will earn themselves a share of the credits available, with the overall winner of the Championship also gaining the Rally Expansion Pack for Forza Horizon with either a unicorn car of their choice or a DLC pack too. Not only that, the top 5 in the Teams, Privateers and Rookies Championships will receive a share of the credits, with the winners in each receiving a choice of either a unicorn car or a DLC pack. In addition, for all drivers that complete the series with 100% attendance (attending 7 out of 8 races), a random draw will take place to determine who receives either a unicorn car or a DLC pack.

Series 7 of the Stock Hatch event will begin on the Wednesday 10th September and run through consecutive weeks until the series finale on Wednesday 29th October. 8 weeks of intense racing against all manner of skill levels in a series that is very good for those that want to pick up and play, and won't require hours of practice to master.

If you want to get involved or learn more, follow this link to the Virtual Motorsports Stock Hatch Series 7 section!


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VM Stock Hatch Series 7
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